Long Distance


Long distance relationships are always tough, and many people avoid them for that same reason. It seems as though people are afraid of the commitment that comes with maintaining a relationship over state or even country borders. As life puts lovers in a boxing ring of trials and tribulations it is often hard for the people in the relationship to stay true to one another. Distance in a relationship can present a very different variable. Think of it this way,  communication or the lack there of as well as vocal tone become essential issues. Little things such as phone call dates and missed calls become the beginning and ending of your day. Everything that is communicated is done over phone calls or video chat agents such as Skype, Oovoo, or FaceTime.


Honestly, Video Chatting is your best option.
Honestly, Video Chatting is your best option.

Conversation allows an individual to learn a great deal about their partner because sometimes it is easier to communicate over a text or phone call rather than in person. However, I can not deny that the relationship would be missing the physical piece of the puzzle. No, I’m not speaking of the “cuddling” touch but just touch in general, the ability to witness the nonverbal bodily actions which are also very important to the relationship. A phone call hides facial expression and body language, whereas a video chat doesn’t provide enough. Ever heard of the saying “Actions speak louder than words.” Many people who have it, tend to take the nonverbal part of the relationship for granted whereas someone who doesn’t, longs for the simple holding of hands or just the feeling of that person with them.

All in all, the most important things about a relationship—whether in or across borders—are trust and putting in work. A relationship is a commitment, one that requires work of the highest degree.Think of it as a plant or a child; if the relationship is not nourished it doesn’t flourish or reap the results you desire. It is important to remember that no matter how petty or deep the situation that work can be done to resolve or better the problem. As long as there is trust and love the work can be done, equally that is.

Relationships in of themselves are hard, just don’t make them a chore; instead they should be fun, spontaneous and entertaining. There’s always an unequal pull of weight in a relationship but working at it makes it balanced. The weight may be in personality traits for example, where one person is more realistic and uptight and the other is relaxed and spontaneous. But that is okay, because sometimes it is alright to step out your comfort zone; after all that’s why you picked him/her right? Because they fill in in grey areas? Relax, at the end of the day if it is meant to be it will happen.



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