Baby You’re A Firework!

“Baby you’re a Firework, C’mon show them what you’re worth” – Katy Perry, Firework

Confidence. The most attractive thing a woman can possess. The ability to love yourself is striking and instantly gives you a conquering feeling.  Today however, the society we live in makes it incredibly hard to keep a poker face to the trends and ‘say-so’s’ of the world. The media constantly inputs and image of what you should look like, how you should dress, what you should eat, etc. People say to ignore it, but lets get real, whether we like it or not the media still affects the way we perceive ourselves. Take music for example.

Music has a lot to do subconsciously, about how we feel and what we think. Many female artists for instance, who sing either soulful or raunchy lyrics, personify this sex appeal that is intoxicating and downright confident in their music videos. Whether they have curves like BeyoncĂ© or a slim figure like JhenĂ© Aiko, these artists have to own the skin they’re in or else no one will even so much as take a second glance at them or their music videos.

So whats the trick? Fake it till you make it I guess.

If you go through the actions long enough it will become routine. Find something about yourself that you love or something that you can do better than the next girl. Competition is good. Do away with all that fake stuff. Stop pretending to be someone that you aren’t, nothing is more attractive than being real.

Yes, I know I just told you to “fake it till’ you make it”, but that was, let’s say a… push in the right direction. Talking about the issue never solves it, taking action almost always yields results. Faking confidence allows you to see that there is something to actually be confident about. 9 times out of 10, the aspect of your look, personality, or talent that your “faking” is actually a hidden jewel you never gave a chance.

People struggle, and us ladies do have it a bit tough, but at the end of the day its a normal thing. Consider it a challenge because no one can do you better than you. You’re a firework! Someone is always watching for your next step and admiring the ‘pizazz’ you think you lack…

…So give them a show you’re worth the look.



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