#BlackPlotTwists, Black Twitter Strikes Again

On Sunday, Black Twitter blessed the public with another trending hashtag #BlackPlotTwists. The hashtag, which originally started on Tumblr, provided retrospect into the many reoccurring themes of a black adolescent’s childhood, delivering many laughs and retweets.

It all started with one Tumblr post.

Here’s 10 more posts that helped walk us down memory lane.

1. The infamous Church Service.


2. Better yet, when service isn’t all day…

3. Said Black Girls Everywhere…

4. When you actually have money to blow…

5. If Only The Work World Accepted Your Carefree Black Girl Mantra.

6. Says Every College Student Ever…

 7. Black Twitter Every Hashtag…

8. It’s The Simple Things Really…

9. If Only This Was Life’s Course of Events

10. It’s Never How You’re Getting There, It’s How You’re Getting Home. 


What are some of your favorite #BlackPlotTwists? Comment Below.



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