Top Ten Assignment: 10 Tips for a Great Spring Break

Brea Simons

If the current weather in February is any indication that spring has come early, here’s a friendly reminder that spring break is right around the corner. Many students anxiously await spring break as a time to unwind and use travelocity to vacation with friends. Here are some suggestions to make sure that you have a great break.


Travelocity | Brand Publisher

1. Pick a group to go on the spring break with.


The people who you go with on spring break can either make or break your trip. Take into consideration the people that you want to spend your experience with. Not every friend can go on every trip and not every friend will help make the best of the current situation. Think about those who will not only be responsible with money, but who will be reliable and fun to be around.

2. Book an affordable trip


Booking a trip is the hardest part, it seems that everyone has different visions of what their spring break should look like. Remember, spring break is only a week. Be economical, think about what you can afford without breaking the bank. Remember if you go out of the country, to the Caribbean for example, an all-inclusive resort is your best option, it will give you the best bang for your buck. Sites like travelocity, groupon, or even kayak, can help you find vacation packages that work for you and your friends.

3. Think about things to do at the destination.


Do your homework before going to your spring break location. Although most hotels have a great deal of tourist information continue to do more research and think about what you and your friends may want to experience.  Look not only for things to do while you’re in town but for the rules and regulations that are unique to your destination. Think smart and think safe.

4. Don’t obsess over the pre-spring break diet plan


Yes, we all want to look great in our bathing suits and spring break outfits, but don’t go crazy and put yourself in a medical situation. Think about ways in which you can get your body ready for spring break without eating celery and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. Hit the Gym


Start off gradually and hit the gym at least twice in the coming weeks or even months heading to spring break. Your body will eventually get used to the regimen and not got into shock as a result of the added pressure. Drink lots of water for clear and flourishing skin and that flat tummy will appear before you know it.

6. Go Shopping


Without fail, whenever people go on trips they treat themselves to a new outfit, or three. Remember to think economically and shop where you can find deals. For those that shop online, look at sites such as for coupons or deals on your favorite online stores. Don’t only focus on clothes but think about other essentials you may need on your spring break trip.

7. Pack the essentials


When flying, think about whether you want to check or travel with a carry-on during your flight. Coordinate with your friends to make sure you all aren’t bring duplicates of the same tools such as flat or curling irons. Pack enough outfits for the pool, for the everyday, and for the parties that you will attend. Be sure to keep a safe place for your passport and don’t forget sunscreen or any medication in case of an emergency.

8. Stay hydrated before the trip 


Most students on spring break tend to drink more than humanly possible. Before as well as during your trip, make sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking tons of water. It will not only ensure your safety but will prevent you from getting too drunk.

9. Think about safety


While on your trip, think about the safety of you and your group. Remember to keep the coveted rule “Always leave with who you came with. Again, spring break is only a week, the goal is to have fun and not jeopardize your life doing so. Be observant, make smart decisions, and always travel with ID. Keep your passport in a safe place and remember the most valuable of your possessions is you.

10. Have Fun! 


Last but not least, have fun! Booking the trip and taking heed of these tips are only half the battle. Enjoy your break, meet to new friends, and create new experiences. Be sure to document your trip through pictures, videos and snapchat to keep those memories for a lifetime.

Hopefully this list gave you some things to consider when booking your next spring break adventure. It’s often very easy to get so wrapped up in the trip itself that you forget to consider the planning or even the execution of the trip once you’re at your spring break destination. Be mindful of your surroundings, be safe, have fun!

Travelocity says spring break shouldn’t be the only time you relax, always remember to go and smell the roses. 

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