The Electric Company, Electrifies Reading Levels

The Electric Company Helps boost literacy rates for students in low or middle income households.

Prince Georges County, MD — Reading is fundamental. Take yourselves out of your parent shoes and place yourself in your child’s. How do you think they perceive having to learning grammar or better reading skills in ways that do not interest them?

The Electric Company, a show that started in the 70’s, was groundbreaking in increasing the literacy rates all across America. Watching this show lead children to believe that reading was not only fundamental it was also cool. By using sketched comedy, the show was able to entice child viewers to learn grammar and reading skills.

Since the airing date of The Electric Company literacy rates of lower and middle class students in urban cities rose by 40%. Not only did students have higher literacy rates, but they began to do better on exams. By the end of the school semester these students’ overall academic grades improved. Students no longer saw reading as a chore but something that was fun and “cool”.

Shows like The Electric Company, seem to be more than just syndicated programs; instead they should continue to be held as pillars for our children’s education. Reading not only helps sharpen the mind but it also sharpens the imagination.

You can find magic anywhere you look. All you have to do is relax and read a book.

-Dr. Suess

The Parents Television Council is continuing to lobby for show such as the Electric Company to return on air. Shows such as the one stated above have done enough to prove their worth in many communities despite the controversial names, Bill Cosby, that are attached to them.

Its about time we separate the man from the show. Join the initiative to #ReairOurShows by going to Share your thoughts on the campaign but following the Parents Television Council on both Facebook and Twitter.

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